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Dear Jordyn Williams

Jordyn, words cannot express how proud your dad and I are. You have worked so hard and achieved so much and I know this is only the beginning for you. God has a plan for your life and always remember that he is always with you. Keep believing in yourself and always know that we have your back. We love you. Mom and Dad

- Sharon Williams


Dear Maya Armour

Congratulations Maya! Wishing you the best of everything as you start this new chapter!

- Mo Porter


Dear Seth Weymouth

Congratulations!! You amaze me everyday!! We are so proud of you!!

- Mom & dad

Marissa, IL

Dear Hope Beitchman

Congratulations Hope, we are so proud of you! Looking forward to all the wonderful things ahead for you!

- Mommy & Daddy

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

Dear Marian Bouchot

Dear Marian, Congratulations my dear sweet friend on graduating yesterday at 8 AM I'm so proud of you I was watching the livestream virtually and I'm so proud of the young woman and young adult that you've become it's been amazing to watch you further grow within the last year or two! Also thank you again for the special visit you gave me on a weekend last month it was very special and it was an honor to get to see your school down at Mizzou!:) I couldn't be more proud of you so happy to be your best friend over the last 8 years you are like family to me and I'm so proud of the brother and sister type of bond that we share as family friends I love you so much Marian!:) Love your best friend and Big Bro Nick

- Nick Betsoleiman

Glenview Illinois

Dear Fayth Wade

Fayth, I am so happy for you. Today is a great day. I pray that God continues to bless you as you walk into your future. Love Great Auntie Nita

- Sharon Ulmer

Dear Faith Wade

Congratulations -May God continue to bless you on your next journey in life. I know success is awaiting you

- Angela Hinton

Dear Lauren Clevenger

Congratulations. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what your future holds.

- Chelsey, Colette, Jens, Rochelle, & JC

South Dakota

Dear Molly Ross

Congratulations Molly. We are proud of you!!

- Jim Ross

Louisiana, Missouri

Dear Drs. Alex and Nici Oserowsky

Congratulations to both Alex and Nici on their graduation from medical school. We love you both!

- Jill and Cary Oserowsky


Dear Brad Emmerich

Congratulations Doctor Brad, forever my Godson! Both Bruce and I are so very proud of you. Embrace this day and all you have accomplished! Just think -there is so much more to come! Love, Aunt Carol

- Carol Randels

Good Hart, Michigan

Dear Amanda Zand

We are super proud of you! Your dedication and focus paid off. You’re amazing! Smart, kind, beautiful! We soooo love you!

- Atoussa


Dear Amanda zand

We are so proud of you!!!!!!

- Nick Kochek


Dear Amanda Zand

Dear Amanda, We are so proud of you and excited to share your special day!!! Love, Dianne & Charles

- Dianne & Charles Barden

Wamego, KS

Dear Amanda Zand

Dear Amanda, I am so incredibly proud of all you have accomplished and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Love, CJ

- CJ Barden

Columbia, MO

Dear Amanda Zand

Dear Amanda, We are so proud of you and excited to share your special day!!!

- Dianne & Charles Barden

Wamego, KS

Dear Ashley Wright

Niece we Love you and are so proud of your accomplishments. Continue to strive to be the best you can be in life. Always remember the sky is not the can go beyond the sky reach for the stars. Be blessed and keep God first we will always be here for you.

- Aunt Crystal Works & Uncle Mark Bradley

Sec 106, Row 24, Seat 13

Dear Ashley Wright

Congratulations Ashley Wright, Granny Cinnie is so proud of you. May God bless you in everything you do. Love you

- Cynthia Bollinger

Sec 106, Row 24, Seat 16

Dear Ashley Wright

Heyy!! Always knew you could do it!!!

- MeKayla Stephens

Sec 106, Row 24, Seat 15

Dear Ranier Encina

RJ, you made us proud. Congratulations. Best of luck in the your future endeavors. We love you. Tita Nelz

- Nelia Bennett

Columbia, Missouri

Dear Olivia T. Kloeckner

Dearest Olivia. YOU did it; proud of you. ALWAYS know your why. Have purpose and focus for what is in front of you.

- Esther M. Klein (Grandma)

Sacramento, CA

Dear Kayla Lovelace

Proud is an understatement! And delighted! Congratulations! You are virtually hugged.

- Susu

Pearland, Texas

Dear Andrea Jennemann

I am so proud of you, Congratulations!

- Mom

Park hills, MO

Dear Mikaela Nicole Ashley

Mikaela, I am so proud of you!!! Keep pressing for greatness because it's in you!!! I love you!!!

- Patricia McCrae

Norwalk, Ct

Dear Marian Bouchot

Marian LOVE you sooooo much! Congratulations in this new success! Wish you the best in the new challenges you are about to face. You have always made me the proudest aunt! LOVE you to the moon and back!!!

- Araceli Bouchot