Dear Samantha Glosemeyer

Glad you are able to put on your graduation gown and walk across the stage and get your diploma. We are very proud of you. Love Dad.

- Chris Glosemeyer

Section 206

Dear Julie G.

Congratulations Julie! Good luck with your career and your new job, thanks for keeping the citizens of Missouri safe and healthy! Always proud, love Mom and Dad

- Mom and Dad

Fenton, MO

Dear Ally Rudolph

We are so proud of you. We always will be. Never stop chasing your dreams!

- Your family


Dear Victoria Pope

Congratulations! So proud of you!

- Felicia Gayden

Dear Aria Ashley Engle

CONGRATULATIONS to our favorite Granddaughter

- Michael and Shirley Engle

Livingston Texas

Dear Kaleigh Feldkamp

Your mom and I are so proud of you and your commitment to your degree. I remember When you decided to attend mizzou. It seemed so far away. You have truly made this place work for you! This is really just the beginning for you! MIZ...ZOU

- John Feldkamp

Granger, IN

Dear Serena Nash

To our beautiful daughter...Enjoy your day you have worked so hard to get to this point. So sorry we can’t be with you today. mum and dadXx

- Janet Nash

Yorkshire England United Kingdom

Dear Class of 2020

Class of 2020! I'm so glad you finally get your graduation weekend after a year of postponements and cancellations. Enjoy it - you deserve it. Enjoy CoMo one more time together, and we can't wait to see what you do now that you're #MizzouMade!

- Shawn


Dear Brooke Olivia Montgomery

Congratulations Brooke Montgomery 2020 Mizzou Honors and Legacy Graduate! Thank you University of Missouri for making this COVID-delayed Graduation Day possible!!

- Mary and Rich Montgomery

Blue Springs, Mo

Dear Jordan Epstein

We’re so proud of you! Congrats on getting your degree and here’s to whatever the future holds! We love you! - Mom and Dad

- Sara Sternberger

Placitas, NM

Dear Lexi Millsap

So proud of you. You are an amazing young lady!

- Granny


Dear Lexi Millsap

Congrats Lexi!!! Glad I was able to be a part of your extremely early ceremony

- London Varner

Dear Lexi Millsap

I’m so proud of you! Congratulations on all of your achievements. Love, Mom

- Jami

Dear Mara I Brinkmeyer

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Love you, Momma

- Gigi Nolen

Sec. 112 row 28 seat 5

Dear Dustin Kroll

Congratulations Dustin! I’m so proud of you and am so excited to see where life takes you (and us)!

- Gigi Brinkmeier

Dear Tatyana Presley

Congratulations Taty!!! We are so proud of you! Keep being the most authentic version of you! May God continue to Bless all you do. Love you Daughter

- Tasha & Calvin

Oswego, IL

Dear Class of 2020

Congratulations! We are so proud of your achievements!

- Jody

Columbia, Missouri